Saturday, September 23, 2006

Adventure Travel Insurance

Have you ever wondered if some people actually make up the stuff they put on the internet? I sometimes wonder the way people boast about themselves. I just state facts and if people have a hard time believing it, I show them proof with other people's words -- in the form of testimonials. I just think that some sites out there produce a lot of junk content. And then there are some sites out there that are right on, until the break of dawn, and I'm seriously saying that this one site became a true resource for me for adventure travel insurance. No flashy graphics or animation, just precise and optional information that gets me in touch with everythng that I was looking for on the topic.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dissolved Blood Oxygen Meter

A few months ago a friend of mine paid a web designer $650 bucks for a simple website for her business. Ok, maybe that's a fair price; if you can't do it yourself you have to hire someone. But now the web designer wants $50 an hour to make small changes, like the dates of classes on the website. Stop, I say, I know just barely enough FrontPage to be dangerous, and we can edit this ourselves. We made lots of backups, and laughed our way through 4 hours of editing this thing. It's fun to teach someone who is basically new to computers how the whole internet thing works, I even showed her some of my searching techniques, helping her search on dissolved blood oxygen meter, her next project.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Chirac urges no sanctions on Iran

French President Jacques Chirac says talks, not UN sanctions, are the way to resolve the Iran nuclear crisis. For more on Amphenol 57 Series visit!